Thursday, February 01, 2007


My Brother Is A Smoker....

He's currently in the hospital right now. Just like me he has been a smoker for a long time (over 20 years). As a matter of fact our whole family smokes! None of us (as far as I know) never even thought about giving up smoking unless we kind of kiddingly put it in a joke or something.

My brother has some health problems and while smoking isn't the main reason why he is in the hospital, it is a contributing factor. He did managed to buy some cigarettes today but I don't know how many he kept and how many he smoked. He didn't say outright that he was going to quit but he did mention that he should give it up. I think this most recent health scare scared him but I don't know if it will be enough for him to actually quit. There have been many times when he has felt overly stressed and puffing on a cigarette calms him down. I could say the same thing for me as well.

So its too soon to tell whether or not he will give up being a smoker.

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